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Last Wipe: 17.11.2023

Discord is a highly recommended (but not nessecary) part of our server. You can give feedback, get fast support, trade or find new mates or just chat with others there.


Server Rules


Support & rules violation

  • No support in ingame chat. Please use Teamspeak or Discord (e.g. ticket system).
  • Punishment for rule violations is always at the discretion of the admin. (Screenshots help)
  • We are not responsible for lost items or dinos due to bugs, logouts and transmitters etc.

Forbidden building spots

  • General: Obelisks, Playerspawns and unique resource spots
  • Island: Large metal mountains, volcano and swampcave


  • Taming buildings, raid buildings, etc. and old bases are to be removed after use
  • Building Turrets outside your bases is forbidden
  • PVP: Building 2 tribes in one spot is forbidden
  • PVP: No foundation walls, vault walls, flying structures or similar

Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Dinos Outside of your base it is forbidden to set dinos to aggressive (exception: raid) or wandering or to let them free Excessive auto breeding is not allowed (20+ unclaimed Dinos)
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct Prohibited: Cheating/ bugabuse/ exploits in game (meshing, meshbites, dupe, glitchting, etc.) Forbidden exploit behavior: Insiding, Streamsniping Insulting/ religious/ political/ thirsty/ provocative language in chat & voice or in player/ dino/ tribenames are not allowed. PVP: Item dropping / popcorn is forbidden.