• Best Ark Server ever

    We are Arkspeed

  • Best Ark Server Ever

    We are Arkspeed

  • Best Ark Server ever

    We are Arkspeed

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Speed PvPvE Ark Server


Welcome to our Ark Server!
We offer you a good and well thought-out set of rules and active admins to ensure enjoyable gameplay.


Our Rules



About us


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    Our Servers

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    Genesis 2

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    Vote Links

    Please click on the picture to get redirected to the vote links for the servers. You will have to log in via Steam to be able to claim your reward ingame.


    2nd Map

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    Server Settings

    Harvesting x25

    Mating x100

    Breeding x100

    Crosshair ON

    Hardcore OFF

    3rd Person ON

    ~50 Minutes Day, ~10 Minutes Night

    Dinos: max Wild Level 180

    Player: Instant Level 240 + Ascensions

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    Server Hardware

    Intel Core i9-9900k Octa Core Coffee Lake CPU (5GHz)

    64Gb RAM

    2x1000GB NVMe SSD

    Datacenter with 1,15 TBit/s

    We guarantee: short pings, low latency, almost no downtime

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    You can donate here to keep our Servers alive.


Speed PvPvE


On our server you can reach endgame PvP and PvE Content in a very short time in contrast to months of grinding on official ark servers.

High Farmrates

Build huge Bases

Build the Base of your dreams or a heavily armored fortress


Raid your enemies Base

Breed your dino army and become the biggest tribe

Active Community

Find new Allies

And share a beer together.



Community Screenshots 

You can post screenshots in our Discord and the best ones will be featured here.