Changelog Season June 2019


- Maps: Ragnarok + Extinction
- reactivated Tek Sword

- removed Cross Aberration
- removed balanced Kibble
- removed s+ item translocator
- added some aberration dino packs in reward vault (reaper, karkinos, roll rat, basilisk)
- added a ARC trade pack to reward vault (with 20% trading fee)

- removed size restriction of 5x5 for a second base rule now is: “The maximum number of bases is limited to 2. Pillars are only available for main bases.”
- rewrote ressource spot rule to: “Unique resource spots may not be built on. These include Pearl Cave on Ragnarok, large metal mountains on Iceland, desert crates on Ragnarok, Wyverncave/trench”
- removed rule which prohibit turrets on the ground
- rewrote rule for non base structures to: “Destroying structures that are not part of or in the immediate proximity of a base does not count as raid (e.g. teleporters/ sleeping bags, etc.).”
- removed rule which prohibits grieving, note: killing more than 3 dinos or destroying a structure in the base still counts as an raid